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Big Brother's Watchful Eye Nabs Phone Fiddlers and Unbelted Miscreants
AI Generated Image. Source: Midjourney

Big Brother's Watchful Eye Nabs Phone Fiddlers and Unbelted Miscreants

Airstrip One is happy to introduce the bleeding edge of safety technology: specialized cameras, watching tirelessly for any miscreants peeking at Google maps or dangerously neglecting to belt up while driving. In just three days following installation, our vigilant Eye in the Sky caught nearly 300 lawbreakers. Can you feel the safety?

These cameras, powered by artificial intelligence and offering high shutter speeds and infra-red flash, capture every law-breaking moment in crystal-clear detail. But we haven't forgotten the human touch! Each flagged image is lovingly reviewed by our doting police force, judging if the offender needs a friendly warning or a more pointed notice of harsh prosecution.

So remember, dear drivers: Big Brother is watching. To the safe, respectful motorists, we salute you. To the rule breakers, know that the Eye will find you. In the name of safety and order, we'll catch every last one of you.



  • The UK recently introduced new specialized cameras to monitor potential traffic offenders, including those using their mobile phones or neglecting to wear a seatbelt while driving.

  • The cameras, designed to collect clear images of a car's interior, caught almost 300 motorists breaking the law in just the first three days of their use in Cornwall County.

  • While the freestanding cameras are artificial intelligence-based, all their images are reviewed by someone on the police force.

  • Law breakers are issued warning letters or notices of intended prosecution, depending on the severity of the offence.

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