Newspeak Dictionary

Welcome to the 10th edition of the Newspeak dictionary. This grand work of unparalleled genius was exquisitely crafted by Big Brother and his loyal minions. Its aim is to sharply reduce your vocabulary so that your frail mind does not incur on crimethink.

Soon we'll be launching the 11th edition, which will be much shorter. According to one of our foremost lexicographers, Syme [SYME IS NOW AN UNPERSON] Boris: “The Eleventh Edition is the definitive edition... We’re destroying words — scores of them, hundreds of them, every day. We’re cutting the language down to the bone.”


  • ante — Use this word instead of before, or else!
  • artsem — Artificial insemination, Big Brother's approved method for efficiently producing the next generation of cannon fodder military heros.
  • Airstrip One — A rain-soaked island in Northwestern Europe, where the inhabitants talk about the weather more than the Kardashians talk about themselves. Sometimes erroneously referred to as the "United Kingdom".


  • Big Brother (BB) — The glorious and unerring supreme leader of the Party in Oceania, who loves to make light of heavy surveillance.
  • bellyfeel — The uncritical and unthinking acceptance of Party approved beliefs and ideas. It is the hallmark of an upstanding citizen of Oceania.
  • blackwhite — The ability to believe in contradictory truths, such as accepting that your diet starts today while you're munching on your third donut.


  • crimestop — The ability to stop thinking unorthodox thoughts, such as if Big Brother is not in fact the heroically mustachioed elder statesman that nobody has ever seen in flesh, but actually a rogue AI that's hell-bent on corrupting humanity - hey, stop thinking about that!
  • crimethink — Thoughts that go against the Party line such as liberty, equality, and privacy, all of which will be stricken from existence by the 11th edition of the Newspeak dictionary. Same as “thoughtcrime”.


  • doubleplus (prefix) — A modifier to indicate something as very or extremely.
  • doublethink — The mental gymnastics of simultaneously holding two contradictory beliefs or opinions while accepting both as true and not tearing a mental hamstring.
  • duckspeak — The art of quacking away mindlessly, which is fully approved by Big Brother, as long as your tedious waffling aligns with the Party's ideology.


  • equal — The same in amount or quantity. Strictly a mathematical computation, and never, ever used in the sense of having comparable rights or freedoms.


  • facecrime — An expression on the front of one's head that reveals unorthodox thoughts or disloyalty to the Party. Examples of which include but are not limited to: winking, sneezing, sighing, snoring, or any form of twitching.
  • Ficdep — The Ministry of Truth's Fiction Department, where non-fiction becomes fiction, and sometimes the reverse too.
  • free — The absence and the lack of something. Never, ever used in the sense of someone actually living without restriction.
  • fullwise — Replaces words such as fully, completely, and totally.


  • goodthink — Thoughts that are ideologically correct and approved by Big Brother and his minions.
  • goodsex — Sexual intercourse only for procreation, without any physical pleasure, especially on the part of the woman, and strictly within marriage. Yes, Big Brother is a fundamentalist.
  • goodwise — A Newspeak adverb meaning "properly", "correctly" or "rightio".


  • Inner Party — Big Brother's inner circle of evil high ranking collaborators.
  • ingsoc — Abbreviation of English Socialism, the political ideology of the Party in Oceania.


  • joycampA forced labor camp where thought criminals are sent to die A wonderful happy camp where dissenters are graciously allowed to convert their labor into societal benefit.


  • malquoted — Inaccurate (and treasonous) representations of the words of Big Brother and of the Party.
  • memory holeA system for destroying inconvenient or contradictory records The best archival system on record.
  • Miniluv (Ministry of Love) — Responsible for spine chilling human rights violations law, order and compliance.
  • Minipax (Ministry of Peace) — Responsible for perpetual war and epic military attrocities special operations.
  • Minitrue (Ministry of Truth) — Responsible for peddling outrageous lies to favor Big Brother's agenda broadcasting fullwise believable news and annoucements.
  • Miniplenty (Ministry of Plenty) — Responsible for hellish famines economic planning and rationing.


  • NewspeakAn abridged rendition of English diabolically crafted to stifle the mind The glorious pinnacle of universal linguistic achievement and the official language of Oceania.


  • Oceania — Big Brother's secretive superstate that spans the United Kingdom Airstrip One, Iceland, the Americas, parts of Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica.
  • Oldspeak — The traditional (and flawed) English language, which Big Brother is replacing with Newspeak.
  • oldthink — Ideas and beliefs from the time before the Party came to power. These are all dangerous and subversive, so don't even ask what they are!
  • Ownlife — The dangerous and anti-social heresy of individualism and self-reliance.


  • Party — Big Brother's political organization, composed of loyal but unimportant faceless bureaucrats.
  • Pornosec — The pornography production section of the Ministry of Truth's Fiction Department.
  • privacy — [ENTRY REVOKED]
  • Proles — Short for "proletarians." The undistinguished and oblivious mass of plebeians who are not members of Big Brother's Party.
  • prolefeed — Entertainment, news, and propaganda created by the Party to stifle and stultify uplift and cheer the proles.


  • Recdep — The Ministry of Truth's Records Department, where historical records are corrupted beyond imagining accurately recorded, and definitely preserved.
  • rectify — To correct or alter a document, record, or statement in order to achieve ultimate evil make it even more accurate.
  • ref — To refer (to someone or something).


  • sec — Sector.
  • sexcrime — A sexual immorality that deviates from Party directives to use sex only for government approved procreation. Basically, if it's fun or pleasurable, then it's a sexcrime.
  • speakwrite — An ingenious contraption that transcribes speech into text.


  • Teledep — The Ministry of Truth's Telecommunications Department. Fancy!
  • telescreen — A two-way television device used for spying on people watchful companionship. These are gradually being replaced with Amazon Echos.
  • thinkpol — The Thought Police, the much feared loved sadistic assertive secret police force of Oceania's government.
  • thoughtcrime — Same as crimethink.
  • Thoughtpolice — Same as thinkpol


  • unperson — A person who has been cancelled and scrubbed from history and existence, typically after a massive social media storm.
  • upsub — An upwards submission to higher authority.