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GOP Offers Kari Lake “Great Opportunity” to Stay Out of Politics
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images News via Getty Images, (inset) Rebecca Noble / Getty Images News via Getty Images.

GOP Offers Kari Lake “Great Opportunity” to Stay Out of Politics

Arizona GOP Chair Jeff DeWit was caught on tape attempting to bribe US Senate candidate Kari Lake with large amounts of money from Big Brother's friends “back east” to remove herself from politics. In refusing this offer, Lake not only squandered the opportunity to enrich herself, but worse, leaked her recording of the conversation to the press!

While Big Brother respects Lake's commitment to surveillance, Arizona's Republican leadership doesn’t typically prefer to conduct sensitive fiduciary business publicly. However, since it’s out there, let’s glom on to the latest social media trend. For our next horse-trade, Big Brother will lure Ms. Lake with one of those Stanley Tumblers everyone is so crazy about. Jeff DeWit’s failure only fuels the fire and the Arizona GOP is hotter than ever! 


  • US Senate candidate Kari Lake leaked audio of a conversation she had with former chairman of the Arizona GOP, Jeff DeWit. In it, DeWit tells her that there are "very powerful people" from "back east" who want to "keep you out" of the race.

  • He then stated that these people are "willing to put their money where their mouth is in a big way," asking her if there was "a number" that would entice her to "take a pause for a few years," apparently referring to running for office.

  • DeWit, who would not disclose who asked him to make this offer, also repeatedly asked her not to tell anyone about the conversation.

  • Following the audio leak, DeWit said he wanted to keep his job as GOP chair, but later resigned after Lake threatened to release another, more damaging audio.

  • DeWit also claimed the audio was "selectively edited," and that he "genuinely believed [he] was offering a helpful perspective to someone I considered a friend."

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