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Judge who Judged Judge to be Judged
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Judge who Judged Judge to be Judged

The judicial world is in a state of reflection as Germany dives into a court spectacle reminiscent of a hall of mirrors. The judge who had the audacity to judge Judge Christian Dettmar for his blasphemous views on mask mandates now faces his own judgment day.

Judge Dettmar's crime? Daring to challenge the mighty Thuringia's mask mandates. His punishment? A scalding two-year suspended sentence complete with revocation of both duties and pension. However, the gavel-toting adjudicator behind Dettmar's conviction is now reportedly squirming in the hot seat, with whispers echoing through court halls suggesting he could be next in line for a judiciary roasting.

Indeed, the fate of the convicting judge hangs precariously, as societal tides shift like a finicky weather vane. If the public's unpredictable whims sway just a smidge, this judge could find himself in Dettmar's shoes, possibly judged by yet another judge in this relentless, judgmental domino effect.

Law schools across Germany are already incorporating the case into curriculums, branding it "The Great Judicial Loop of 2023." And as for the rest of us? We're grabbing our Studentenfutter and eagerly waiting to see which judge's gavel will fall next in this endless cycle of judicial judgments.

Our inside source, Hans Schnitzelberger, a court janitor with a penchant for eavesdropping, revealed: "It's like watching a legal version of my favorite Christopher Nolan movie. I haven’t slept for weeks!"



  • German Judge Christian Dettmar, who in 2021 nullified COVID mandates for children at two schools in the state of Thuringia, has been convicted of "perverting the law" and given a two-year probation sentence.

  • Dettmar, who ruled that mandates harmed children’s mental, physical, and psychological well-being, was also stripped of his job and pension.

  • He had already been suspended pending the investigation — losing 25% of his salary — and had his phone and laptop confiscated after police raided his home.

  • His ruling was overturned by higher courts, who said the family court judge did not have the authority to make such a ruling.

  • As Dettmar’s lawyers’ wanted an acquittal and the prosecution sought three years in jail, both sides will reportedly appeal the decision.

  • The judge who judged Dettmar is not actually facing any legal action, and the case has not been incorporated into German law school curriculums.

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