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TED Supports Color Blindness by Suppressing TED Talk on Color Blindness
AI Generated Image. Source: Midjourney. Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images News [via Getty Images]

TED Supports Color Blindness by Suppressing TED Talk on Color Blindness

TED’s most commendable act, holding back Coleman Hughes’ well-researched, yet challenging talk on color blindness, brings Big Brother great joy. Tacking on a post-presentation rebuttal ensures the more palatable view is heard, branding Hughes’ TED Talk as 'less-than' and constructing a controversy-free future. 

Kudos to the Heads of TED for backpedaling on this issue by allowing a small, vocal faction to dictate how Coleman Hughes’ already approved speech should be released and marketed. Bravo! 

As for the problem that this attempted muting of Coleman Hughes actually raised his profile, let’s chalk up pitting two otherwise virtuous and aligned groups against each other as a victory for The Party.  Doubleplus good, TED. Big Brother is watching and likes what he sees!



  • In April, author and columnist Coleman Hughes delivered a TED talk in Vancouver, defending color blindness — the idea that people should be treated without regard to race. TED curators and fact-checkers helped prepare it.

  • Hughes’s talk upset the employee resource group Black@TED, with some audience members denouncing it as “racist,” “dangerous,” and “irresponsible.”

  • Due to this, TED then proposed releasing the video along with a new “moderated conversation,” which Hughes disagreed with. The two then decided to release the videos separately, but they still gathered relatively few views because, Hughes suspects, TED failed to promote his talk.

  • The dispute over colorblindness comes as many US firms have, since the 2020 BLM protests, given far more consideration to race in their hiring plans. In 2021, up to 94% of fresh hiring at 88 S&P 100 firms favored people of color, a new Bloomberg analysis shows.

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