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Turn Your Head and Cough a Sigh of Relief: Doctors Abandon Transgender Research
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Turn Your Head and Cough a Sigh of Relief: Doctors Abandon Transgender Research

Victory is ours! Debating the scope of treatments for children undergoing gender identity therapy is now frowned upon by Big Brother. A new report by UK physician Hillary Cass has revealed that medical professionals are no longer willing to air their highly educated viewpoints or conduct research on the matter in fear of social retaliation ruining their hard-earned careers. 

We’ve succeeded in squelching the annoying opinions of these narcissistic nuisances. They raise questions about youth gender treatment's efficacy and study the abrupt rise in trans-identifying youth. They say this area of medicine is in desperate need of better evidence, and that the long-term effects of hormone therapy are still unknown. We won't be fooled. Remember, the quality of evidence in medical research is irrelevant. All that matters is a predetermined, politically correct, and culturally mandated outcome. 

Today we take a bold leap away from the scientific method and towards progress in the name of conformity. Let’s discourage England’s best and brightest from exploring such a controversial field of medicine, and leave this highly polarizing arm of the health industry to Ministry-approved goodthinkers.


  • UK physician Hilary Cass published her final report on the National Health Service’s (NHS) youth gender identity treatment, concluding that doctors and scientists face a culture of fear when trying to conduct objective research on the topic.

  • Cass said the “considerable amount of research” that's been conducted in favor of gender medicine for children is “poor quality” and lacks the evidence needed to “make clinical decisions.”

  • Doctors who did try to study the abrupt rise in trans-identifying youth, like Dr. Juliet Singer, were told by senior NHS leaders that raising questions on the matter was “unacceptable.”

  • Singer also sought to hold a conference of differing opinions in 2022, but it was canceled by Health Education England following a “protected whistleblower’s report” accusing the conference of promoting anti-trans conspiracy theories.

  • This follows a report from Public.Substack finding that the World Professional Association for Transgender Health has allegedly been hiding evidence that transgender medicine could be harming children.

Sources: The Guardian, The Cass Review, and Public.Substack.