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White House Helpfully Erases Biden Gaffe From Official Record
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White House Helpfully Erases Biden Gaffe From Official Record

Despite what you may have heard, US President Joe Biden did not, in fact, appear to read stage directions out loud at a campaign event in Washington D.C. on Wednesday April 24, 2024. At least, not according to the Official White House transcript of the event, which lists the obvious mistake as "inaudible" when it was distinctly recorded and clearly apparent on the video.  

The Biden administration's willingness to codify a more correct version of history should be celebrated. One wonders what other inconvenient snippets of presidential past reside at the bottom of the US government's memory hole.

Big Brother strongly encourages you to not think too deeply about this inconsequential matter. After all, mistakes happen... or do they?


  • During a campaign speech on Wednesday, Pres. Joe Biden read the word “pause” from the teleprompter rather than take a pause in his speech.

  • In its official transcript, however, the White House inserted “inaudible” to hide the president’s mistake.

  • The White House has done this before. In 2023, the official transcript of a speech altered this statement made by Biden: “African Americans and Hispanic workers and veterans, you know, the workers without high school diplomas.”

  • In its altered version, the White House added “and” before “the workers without high school diplomas.”

Sources: Fox News, The White House, and Daily Mail.