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Who’s That Lady?! NPR's Maher Turns Authoritarian Heads
Horacio Villalobos / Contributor / Getty Images News via Getty Images

Who’s That Lady?! NPR's Maher Turns Authoritarian Heads

Katherine Maher, a beacon of righteousness in a world scarred by blind reverence for the truth, has stolen the heart of Big Brother.  

With her treasure trove of authoritarian overtures diminishing free speech, former Wikimedia CEO Katherine Maher, now gracing the halls of National Public Radio with her leadership and vision, has vocally cast aside the outdated notion of a "free and open" internet, dismissing it as a relic of chaos and disorder.

Big Brother can’t suppress the appeal of her “take charge (of the narrative)” attitude; her bold labeling of information as “bad” or “good"; her ability to reduce the concept of truth to a pile of rubble with her eloquent musings, how she body-shames the “robust” set of protections laid out in that pretentious First Amendment of the Constitution; and her eagerness to collaborate with the government to ensure appropriate election-related speech is disseminated to the masses. It's simply enchanting... hubba hubba!

Katherine Maher, you’re a honey pot of censorship that Big Brother cannot resist. My dear, if you are listening, will you make Big Brother the happiest figurehead in Oceania?


  • In a resurfaced interview, former Wikipedia CEO Katherine Maher said she disregarded the idea of a “free and open” internet while leading the online encyclopedia because it promotes a “White, male, Westernized construct.”

  • In another clip, Maher, who now heads National Public Radio, can be heard saying she wants to “stamp out bad information,” replace it with “good information,” and asks how “citizens” can “sit within that good information” as a “collective.”

  • Maher has been documented saying that the “number one challenge” she faces when trying to fight disinformation is the US First Amendment, which she calls a “fairly robust protection of rights.”

  • She has also been quoted as saying, “Our reverence for the truth might be a distraction that’s getting in the way of finding common ground and getting things done.”

  • After then-sitting Pres. Donald Trump was banned from social media platforms, she tweeted, “Must be satisfying to deplatform fascists. Even more satisfying? Not platforming them in the first place.”

  • While in charge of Wikipedia in 2020, she also admitted to taking “a very active approach to disinformation” through “conversations with government” to create a “model for future elections outside the US.”

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