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AirBnB Authorizes Monitoring Devices That Are Totally Not Creepy at All
AI Generated Image. Source: Midjourney

AirBnB Authorizes Monitoring Devices That Are Totally Not Creepy at All

Doubleplusgood news, comrades! Airbnb and tech firm Minut have joined forces to become the ultimate party police. Using a device as discreet as a smoke alarm, owners can now tell immediately if guests have been disloyal to Big Brother and lied about the number of people staying over, are throwing a party, or are simply having more fun than IngSoc approves.

And if your guests ignore automated messages to quiet down? Fear not, professionally trained "responders" will swoop in to restore order. Civil rights critics may label the devices "creepy," but they’re only creepy for those who don't understand them. And as every Oceania citizen knows, constant surveillance equals a better society. Here's to a world of orderly fun!



  • Minut and AirBnB recently partnered to offer rental property owners the ability to monitor the noise and occupancy levels of their homes.

  • A device similar to a smoke detector is installed, which measures decibel levels and sends automatic warnings to guests if they get too high. If the noise persists, a trained responder can be sent, or the police called.

  • The devices also count the number of mobile phone radio signals in the property so owners can monitor the occupancy. There's no camera or data storage.

  • Around 4,000 property owners have installed the devices as of December 2022.

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