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America Smears Americans Who Wrongthink About Ukraine
Roberto Schmidt / Stringer / Getty Images News via Getty Images

America Smears Americans Who Wrongthink About Ukraine

War is complex. History is nuanced. Champions clash for their cause on both sides. Except in the instance of the Russo-Ukrainian war, which is 100% the fault of Vladimir Putin and his evil Eurasian forces. At least according to US government-funded Ukrainian media outlets delegitimizing the critical agenda of prominent American voices. The US is proud to use taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars to combat the barrage of pro-Russian propaganda and narrative shaping with a counter of pro-Ukrainian propaganda and narrative shaping. 

Take, for instance, peacenik patsy and Columbia University economics professor Jeffrey Sachs, who prattled on for years that NATO expansion would provoke Russian aggression. Now that conflict has arrived, Sachs, who seems to have forgotten that war is peace, has the gall to suggest Ukraine should pursue a cease-fire. Wrong!

And then there’s habitual thoughtcriminal and Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, who continues to poison the discourse by criticizing Western media for pushing one-sided narratives to prolong the conflict. He blames the refusal to seek peace on broader geopolitical and economic considerations. Also wrong! No wonder MSNBC hasn’t booked this maniac since 2016. 

Big Brother stresses that you can be 100% aligned with the Inner Party’s perfect vision, or you can be an enemy of the state. There is no room for nuance in this conversation. As for these two dissenters… report immediately to Room 101! 


  • According to RealClearInvestigations, the US government is funding Ukrainian media to shape narratives in favor of Ukraine and smear anti-war Americans, including economist Jeffrey Sachs, commentator Tucker Carlson, journalist Glenn Greenwald, and Prof. John Mearsheimer.

  • These media groups disseminate information aligning with Ukraine's official positions, including biased fact-checking, social media campaigns, and content removal efforts.

  • US-funded outlets include the New Voice of Ukraine, VoxUkraine, Detector Media, the Institute of Mass Information, and the Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine. They work with US social media firms to remove content.

  • One example of this comes from VoxUkraine, which suggests Jeffrey Sachs attended the Ukraine peace summit in Vienna to promote "Russian propaganda."

  • Another is titled "Messing with the Truth: Disinformation in the West Spread by Glenn Greenwald."

Sources: Lee Fang, Real Clear Investigations, The Bulwark, Vox Ukraine, and VoxUkraine (2).