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Big Brother Unveils Altruistic Bias-Busting Newspeak Guide
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Big Brother Unveils Altruistic Bias-Busting Newspeak Guide

Attention, dear citizens of our color-blind utopia! Big Brother is pleased to announce that the Party's innovative thought-clarifying bureau, Reframing Race, has launched "Contains Strong Language," the latest Newspeak guide to linguistic enlightenment. No more "dark times," comrades, only "gently shaded periods of chronological challenge."

"White working class" has been inclusively morphed to "multi-ethnic working class." "Wealthy elite"? Scrubbed. We're all about the "powerful few" now to avoid inflaming any potential antisemitic passions and dampen the spirits of pesky conspiracy theorists. "Racism" and "ethnic minorities," meanwhile, have bowed to the more nuanced "ideology of racism" and "ethnic minority people."

So, no more "black moods" or "blushing red" faces! With this handy guide, anyone can navigate the dangerous sea of subconscious bias. Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, and, remember, Language is Love. Long live the power of redefined words!



  • On July 18, anti-racism initiative Reframing Race released a report — titled "Contains Strong Language" — to provide language guidance for anti-racism campaigners.

  • It suggests avoiding phrases that link negativity with blackness and positivity with whiteness, like "black mood" or "whiter than white."

  • Visual descriptions specific to white people, such as "blushing red", are also discouraged.

  • The term "white working class" should be replaced with "multi-ethnic working class" for inclusivity.

  • "Wealthy elite" is to be avoided; "the powerful few" is preferred, as the report asserts that the former could fuel antisemitism and white nationalist conspiracy theories.

  • Instead of "racism" and "ethnic minorities", it suggests "ideology of racism" and "ethnic minority people".

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