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Cambridge University's New Motto: Conserve Energy. Burn a Book.
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Cambridge University's New Motto: Conserve Energy. Burn a Book.

A decolonizing drive awaits the 814-year-old Cambridge University library’s 10 million-odd books, which will now be purged of seminal, rebellious, and harmful ideas. Loyal librarians will blacklist and recontextualize books found to be problematic. They will also deploy apologetic explanations against offensive content.

Scrubbing them clean of inflammatory material is bound to make reading rooms infinitely safer, Big Brother assures you. Kudos to the acolytes for having found such a ridiculously simple solution to protect pupils from wrongthink.

For too long have these insurrectionary page-lumps caused hurt, spawned deviants, seeded collective memories, and exposed humankind’s dark past. And for eons have they resisted regimentation...until now.


  • Cambridge University's national library, which houses around 10 million books, is now allegedly blacklisting some of them as part of a “decolonizing drive.” It is asking lecturers to flag “problematic” books that might be “offensive/harmful.”

  • The 814-year-old library is collecting examples from across the university’s colleges to create guidance on how to handle the books.

  • The library is understood to be working on a system that makes clear to readers why it is important for it to collect material some might deem offensive.

  • It has established a “decolonization working group” looking to “re-contextualize” books tied to colonialism.

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