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Canada Wonders: "Does Your Podcast Even Regulate Bruh?!"
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Canada Wonders: "Does Your Podcast Even Regulate Bruh?!"

Attention, all you pod jockeys and digital disruptors! Put a halt to that unregulated verbal cardio and lace up those neon sneakers. It's time for a high-intensity, state-mandated reshape of your streaming physique. The Canada Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), your new personal trainer, is turning up the heat with the Bill C-11 burnout challenge.

As of November 28th, 2023, registration is mandatory if you wish to broadcast your podcast across the Canadian digital tundra! That’s right, if your content has reached the wrong-think-craving masses, you need to get with the CRTC program.

Time to burn off that podcast pudge because only the most sculpted and state-curated voices earn their spot, ensuring our digital soundscape remains lean, clean, and free from those unsavory content carbs. Remember, a tight narrative core is built from State-approved reps, not free swings.

The CRTC isn't just flexing with this registry. Their plan is crafted with impeccable vaguery, prepared to add new suppression rules wherever the Party sees fit. Under the CRTC's guide, expect finely-tuned broadcasts that even Big Brother's trainer would applaud. Sweat out the dissent, and let's pump and lift our way into a unified digital utopia.


  • Online streamers and podcasters operating in Canada with $10M or more in annual revenue must register with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) by Nov. 28.

  • The registration requires company details such as its legal name, address, telephone number, email, and the type of services it offers. The CRTC describes this as a “very light” burden.

  • This is part of the Online Streaming Act (Bill C-11) passed in April, which requires streaming services like Netflix and Spotify to financially contribute to the Canadian content ecosystem.

  • The Act does not define the exact nature of such content, leaving it to the broadcast regulator. Only services, not social media users, are required to register.

  • Canadian podcasters and industry observers feel there is more regulation to come. Others say this is not censorship or any infringement on free speech.

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