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New York State of Mind: If There’s No Crime, We’ll Create One
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New York State of Mind: If There’s No Crime, We’ll Create One

Dangerous and divergent ideas stand no chance against NY Attorney General Letitia James, who is working overtime to protect America from crimethink. She now trains her sights on an underfunded political activism website.

VDARE, a nonprofit group that has committed no crime, is being scrutinized for its wrongthinking views on immigration. Our corporate allies in tech, banking, and hospitality have done their part in denying services to make sure this subversive group can’t reach potential dissidents, but the pesky outlet has persisted. They even tried to circumvent Cancel Culture by buying a private venue to host events. 

Luckily, the Big Apple’s legal labyrinth is not so easy to escape. James brilliantly weaponized her Hate Crimes Division to pursue unproven allegations of real estate violations. This sidestepped the dusty and outmoded Bill of Rights, and outflanked the possibility of an insubordinate judge upholding these so-called “rights” in open court, instead running VDARE’s coffers dry by subpoenaing them into oblivion.

A small organization with only a limited budget and two employees can’t hope to withstand the deluge of legal fees and trickery brought forth by the Empire State. VDARE will crumble under the state’s pressure before it’s even charged with a crime.


  • After years of canceled events by venues such as hotels – typically over fears of counter-protesters – VDARE, a political news nonprofit focused on immigration restriction, is trying to leave New York, where it was first incorporated 25 years ago.

  • After purchasing a castle in West Virginia to host private events, NY Attorney General Letitia James, who in 2020 said she would seek to combat organizations who promote hate speech, opened a real estate investigation into the purchase through her Hate Crimes Division.

  • Without any evidence, James’ office is searching for discrepancies in VDARE’s financials, including donor funds and a loan used to purchase the castle, arguing that the foundation is still under New York’s purview.

  • James is demanding VDARE hand over non-real estate information, including the names of all its pseudonymous writers and hundreds of thousands of business emails. This has cost the nonprofit, which has an operating budget of $800K, $500K in legal fees.

  • VDARE, which only has two full-time employees, has already been banned from using PayPal, Discover Card, Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, MailChimp, YouTube, Facebook, and Airbnb, among other services.

  • VDARE is a very controversial publication. While some, like the Southern Poverty Law Center, deem it “white nationalist” in nature, others, like Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson, have platformed and defended it, respectively.

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