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Public Radio’s Private Parts are Showing
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Public Radio’s Private Parts are Showing

Big Brother is so ecstatic that NPR, a radio station dedicated to the public, is finally guiding Americans to a particular way of thinking. This will foster a future of reliance and compliance, teaching our good citizens that thinking for yourself is no longer necessary. Public media can filter out the fluff for your tired mind. No evidence showing Trump colluded with Russia? Not newsworthy. Hunter Biden’s laptop? A distraction from real news stories. Covid Lab leak origin story? Conspiracy hoax! Don’t be a racist.

To be honest, the viewpoint NPR is feeding its listeners is irrelevant. Big Brother is indifferent about the contents of public opinion, so long as it’s devoid of objective and evidence-based journalism and reliant on the prescribed group-think of the Ministry.

People are malleable in their beliefs, and therefore malleable in their actions. In the future, this same pied-piper-esque technique can and will be used to convince people of anything. And if NPR, formerly a pillar of free thought and information dissemination, discredits and destroys itself in the process… all the better. 

With new leadership in place voicing just how pesky that first constitutional amendment can be, we see nothing but a bright future of conformity ahead of us in this great nation of goodthink. 


  • In an article published in The Free Press, Uri Berliner, a senior editor for the partially federally-funded National Public Radio (NPR), claimed the news outlet has refused to report on stories that could harm liberal interests.

  • Berliner said the outlet moved sharply to the left after Donald Trump’s 2016 election win, with the outlet allegedly declining to report objectively on topics such as Trump-Russia collusion, the origin of COVID, and the Hunter Biden laptop story.

  • Regarding the Hunter Biden story, NPR’s managing editor at the time reportedly said, “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories” or “stories that are just pure distractions.”

  • Recently resigned NPR CEO John Lansing told staff to acknowledge their “white privilege” and “start talking about race.” Journalists were told to “keep up to date with current language and style guidance from journalism affinity groups."

  • NPR's new CEO Katherine Maher is also on record opposing objective reporting. She in 2021 called the First Amendment a "challenge" when trying to deal with "bad information."

  • Berliner, who's essay led to him being suspended without pay for doing non-NPR work without permission, has since resigned.

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